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How to view Script results in Toad 3.1.0

I previously used Toad 2.6.1 version and when I execute any DB2 stored procedures I was able to see Scripts results in a separate window. Now in 3.1 version when I run the db2 stored procedure I don’t see any Script results window and Toad gives the message successfully run. I tried to run the same procedure using 2.6 and it gives the script results.

Could some one help me to find or enable this window. I tried to verify in View tab/Tools Tab also in options but could not find any information on Script results.

I am not sure I understand. Can you post screenshots of what you are experiencing?


I am sorry I could not send you much snapshots, but please find the snapshot below, this is the window where I used to get the results when I execute / run a Db2 procedure using Toad 2.6 but now in Toad 3.1 I don't see this.

Do I need to modify any settings.