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Make results window show on every new editor window

I have version 7.

On the older version I had, version 5, every time I created a new editor window, the results window would be at the bottom. In version 7, if I create a new editor window, there's no results window at the bottom.

Not sure where results window is. Seems like it pops up sometimes, but can't find it. Queries don't run without results window.

It said if you close the results window, you can get it back by going to Editor>Window>Script Results. I didn't close it. Toggling that shows the results window and I can put it at the bottom of the editor window, but how can I always have the results window at the bottom?


You are in the Toad for Oracle forum but our current version is 14, so I'm thinking you must be talking about some other product.

Version 7 of SQL Navigator? If so, can you move your request to the Nav forum? Lots more Nav eyes on your question then.

Toad for DB2 (64 bit). I guess my company is a little behind with their versions.

I'll move this thread to the correct forum.

Check on the sides to see if it is hidden (auto-hide ).
In this doesn't help, please write if after you run a query, you still do not see the results window.



It doesn’t help.

I ran a query and don’t see results window.




I have three computer screens.

When I created a new editor window, I saw the Results window be created and floating on another screen. I dragged it over and the window is good.

How do I save the setting how it is now so that when I create an editor window the result is on the bottom all the time?