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How to Write a Cross-Connection Query Correctly

Apr 15, 2019 3:39:13 PM by Winnie Wu

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@Winnie.Wu, hello!

Hope you're doing great despite the current COVID19 situation.

Came across your blog post while searching for a way to use Toad for Oracle to query data from SAP HANA, so hope you can answer my question in relation to cross-connection query: can this be done using Toad for Oracle v. I need to query data from SAP HANA, what is the correct syntax for this, especially for SAP HANA connection?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @lesliematura
This article is only for Toad Data Point cross-query, it doesn't apply for Toad for Oracle. I am not familiar with Toad for Oracle, but as I know, Toad Data Point also supports "SAP HANA connection", if you need any information about "using TDP to connect to HANA", please feel free to ask your question on this forum, thanks.

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Hey thanks so much @Winnie.Wu! I'll check if we have Toad Data Point from our software center to download it, it will surely be very useful for us :ok_hand: :+1:

Hi lesliematura,
You're welcome. :grinning: