howto install toad for sql (freeware under windows 7 ?

hi, can anybody please explain me why “run as administrator” is NOT enough here ??? what do i have to do ??

thank you,


Hi Micha,

Could you please shed the light on these questions:

  1. What is your UAC settings?

  2. Are you admin on this computer?

  3. Not sure that it depends - do you have any previous TSS builds on the

As suggestion could you please try this:

  1. Run Command Prompt as admin

  2. run TSS installation from this command prompt



dear Alexander,

my setings are, lets say that the control is second from above -> “Standart”
i am not the “administrator” itself, but my acount is a admin account yes.
i have toad installed already yes, an older version.
i get the same error when trying from command line.
very strange, any further ideas ???

Hi Micha,
just want to confirm:

  1. you invoke cmd as admin
  2. have install privilege and can install any other software.

Could you please try it with logging turned on and send log file to me?

Something like this: msiexec /i “put tss install file here” /log “type log file path\name”

Regards, Alexander

dear Alexander,

sorry, i forgot to write here…
after restarting windows, the problem was gone… very very strange…
so i think it must have been something special with windows 7… ;(
sorry for the circumstances and thank you for your help!


Ok. You are welcome with any feadback.