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HTTP 500 error when opening Ask a question


I’m new to using the Help->Toad World->Ask a question.

First I had problems with login.

Then I set it to auto login, which means I get two error messages when I open Toad.

The same error messages appears when I select “Ask a question”.


Toad Message

Internal server error.

HTTP 500: Error #1 - Unknown Error


Toad Message

Internal server error.

HTTP 500: Error #1 - User Not Found

After the two error messages the Ask a question opens OK and it’s there I’m currently writing.

How do I get rid of the error messages?

(I have just installed 12.11 and copied my user files from my 12.10 folder. The error messages pop up in the 12.10 version too.)

Best Regards


The platform upon which Toad World is developed lacks proper HTTP status codes. Some REST calls are expected to fail and they are handled accordingly. Unfortunately they use code 500 for everything and Toad must parse the response body for the reason for failure. This works well… provided the error messages are static, which they are not. At some point recently some of the messages were changed.

Griping aside, I’d start using the web site for Toad World. The in-app experience is much slower because of all of the REST calls made and Toad World is going to be undergoing some backend changes that will break Toad’s in-app integration in an upcoming release. I doubt we’ll update the code to support a new platform given how little it’s used.