I am trying to view xml via an xml viewer in Toad 10.6

I have 10.6 and have an xml viewer select

But when I right-click and choose pop-up editor it brings the normal pop-up
editor and not the selected XML editor. How can I look at the xml via the
selected XML editor?


How is the XML data stored, CLOB, VARCHAR, or sys.XML?

It is of type XMLTYPE

For example look at view SYS. ALL_XML_SCHEMAS it contains a column of XMLTYPE.

Erwin, which Oracle client are you using? This depends on if you get your XML
Editor Toad’s internal Editor.

It is an Oracle 10g client.

John, please correct me if I’m wrong, but you only get the external XML
Editor with 11g client. We had to work around a data access layer AV with 10g

Yeah we had problems with 10g client and XMLTYPE.

If you want to use a 10g client you can cast xmltype columns as clobs to work
around it like this:

Select column_name.GetClobVal as column_name

From table

This workaround is automatic in SB-Tables, but you have to do it yourself in the

Oracle 11 clients don’t require the workaround.


Oops, my query wasn’t quite right. For some reason, you have to use an
alias and ().

Select t.column_name.GetClobVal () as column_name

From table t

I am doing it in the SB. I right-click on a column and choose pop-up editor.
Double clicking does not work.

I tried that in the editor and it still only pops-up the pop-up editor.

Well, if you have a 10g client, the field type is being cast as clob , and
that’s why it’s not going to the external xml editor.

If you use an 11g client, it should work.