XMLType and Toad version

I have installed Toad version Prrevious used version:
2 Questions:

  1. The data tab of a table with a XMLType shows “hugeclob” instead of the xml data itself. I think that this is the result of the undelying query on this tab. In this query GetClobVal() is added to the XLType column (Why?).
    Dubbelclicking the field does not open the external XML editor.
    Workaround: A normal select directly typed in the SQL editor with no extra GetClobVal() shows the XML-data and opens the external XML editor. Is this the only way to work with XMLType?

  2. Clicking on the script tab for a table with an XMLType column results in a ORA-00942 message : table or view does not exists. This also appears during a schema compare, if one table in one of the schemas with a XMLType column exists. the SQL spool functionality explains this. The sys.dba_xml_tab_cols view or table does not exists or the particular schema has no privilege for that object. I have looked for this table/view, the message seems to reflect the truth, i couldnt find this table/view. And now?

Update regarding pt 1 : Connecting with an 11g client doesn`t show a hugeclob and the XML editor opens as expected.

Update regarding pt 2 : The problem with the sys.dba_xml_tab_cols table seems to be resolved in version 10.6

Update regarding pt 1 : You can even display a readable XMLType using an 11g client. Why the GetClobVal() function with an older client?

Pt 1: Toad 10 uses the OCI in Unicode mode. There are some bugs involving
XMLTYPE and Unicode that we had to use GetClobVal to overcome. This was no
longer a problem in the 11g client, so we stopped using getClobVal .

Pt 2: As you found, this was a bug for Toad 10.5, but it is fixed in 10.6.