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Impala ODBC does not show databases correctly

Using the latest version of the Impala ODBC, the Object Explorer does not show any filtering at the database or schema level. It only shows the word IMPALA.

How do we filter the Object Explorer by a schema?


This is changed in the next release. We are currently working on certifying Impala. These changes will probably be in Beta in the next month or two.

Thanks Debbie for the update.

Hi Debbie, is this feature added to the current TDP Beta 4.0?

No. We are starting our certification process with Cloudera. We intend to make all changes, get certified by Cloudera and then move all changes to Beta. If you are interested in testing a one-off to see how we are progressing please email me directly.

I have the same problem ;/

i will get you guys a build tomorrow that you can try out.

I don’t usually do this but here is a link to the Cloudera Impala work we are doing. This is not in the Beta yet as we are in the middle of certifiying this with Cloudera. Please let me know of any issues.…/