Data Point Version (64 bit) Object Explorer Filter

If you have a filter created in the Object explorer, how do you delete it? There also does not seem to be a SQL button to view the underlying code so you can modify it. Does anyone know how to do these? This is using an Oracle ODBC connection. The section of Data Point the connect is in ODBC Generic.

I see a filter button next to the drop down of the schema name and a filter button next to the text box underneath the drop down. Both appear to have a Clear button on the Filter dialog window, Properties tab, which should reset the filter to the default settings. I was also able to highlight the filter in the text box (once set to something) and clear the text to reset the filter. I see a SQL tab in the Filter dialog window, that appears to show a WHERE clause related to any filter settings. HTH, Hunter.

If I use the Oracle Client, I see the SQL tab. If you only use an ODBC connection I do not see it.

This just showed up this morning, in a DP 4.2.1 release page:

"ODBC Connections

The purpose of the ODBC provider is to offer basic connection and querying capabilities to any database that supports an ODBC 3.0 or later driver. For a list of databases tested with the ODBC provider, see the System Requirements in the Release Notes. This form of connectivity allows connections to databases such as Netezza, IBM iSeries, Ingres, and Vertica™. Because this form of connectivity is generic, it is not full-featured and may not be as robust as the fully-exploited providers for the other databases."

Unfortunately this might mean that the lack of the SQL button is not a bug but just how DP implements ODBC connectivity.

That is correct, the filter sql tab is not offered for ODBC. That is because every database provider can have different sql and dictionary tables to filter.