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Object explorer missing views in Hadoop databases connected via Impala / ODBC


I've noticed views are not showing up in databases at all when looking at a database in Hadoop. I am connecting TOAD to the Hadoop server via Cloudera Impala driver (64 bit) ODBC connection.

Everything else works fine with this connection - I can see tables, browse data, query the views etc.. but the views do not show up in the object explorer. The "Views" tab does not even show up, there is only Database & Tables.

Version Details:

My PC: Windows 10 (64 bit)
TDP version: 5.07.106 (64 bit)
Cloudera ODBC driver for Impala version: (64 bit)

Let me know if you need any more details or screenshots.


Hi Dan,
so, unfortunately Impala ODBC does not support Get view function so we're waiting for them to fix their drivers. See

Thanks Dan, that is startling news, especially since those issues were first reported 3-4 years ago. I would have thought they would fix something like that by now.

Since waiting for the fix could potentially be years from now, are there any workarounds you know of to list the views within a database?

I can also revisit establishing a connection using the Hive driver. I was unsuccessful last time but if I am able to get that working, would that correctly display views?


Can you try to issue a DESCRIBE statement?

Other than that we know of no workaround.

As an update, this issue is still partially ongoing.

When I say partially - we have 3 hadoop environments, dev / test, cert, and prod. They all should have the same / similar configurations. I connect to all 3 using the same ODBC drivers and similar connection parameters. But for some reason, dev / test and prod I am able to see views. But Cert, I am not able to see views. So this is odd since there should be no difference between environments. But if I am able to find out what that difference is I will let you know.