Import data??

I’m “kind of” new to SQL Nave (v5). I can write SQL just fine and do what I want, however, I’m finding that there isn’t a way for me to import a *.dat file, or *.CSV file and make a table out of it.

In MS Access, one of the spiffy things it can actually do is import a file, and create a table for you. Can SQL Nav do that? I have several *.dat files I need to put into a table.


Hi Crusty,

Welcome to the SQL navigator community. Unfortunately we don’t have the feature to import the .dat files in SQL navigator. It will be addressed for one of future release of SQL Navigator.


Hello, Crusty!

Can you elaborate anymore on what you’re doing? It would really help us to implement the feature in a way that is useful to you and others.

By the way, are you just using SQL Nav for querying and browsing the database or are you developing PL/SQL as well?

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Nice Avitar! My Mom got to meet him… she said he was just a nutty as people thought he was…

Specifically, I need a way to import external data. Currently I have to manually create the table, and then link to the table using MS Access’ ODBC connection. Then I have to push the data into the table.

If I’m pulling data together from sources already in my oracle db’s, I can just write a make table query and I’m done. But external sources of data, say from a vendor, I have to use third party software to pull in and clean the data, then push it to Oracle via Access, before I can run anything against in in SQL Nav. Its a little frustrating.

I describe Access to newbies as a 4cylinder engine. Oracle is a Supercharged V8 350. The problem is just getting the data TO the db.

any wisdom that can be imparted is greatly appreciated. Oh… and keep in mind when wracking your neurons, the department that runs our Oracle servers is very stingy about letting me play in their sandbox. The Oracle gods don’t play fair, lets put it that way. They’ve given me permission to tinker since I appear to have some knowledge in the area. If they knew exactly how much I know, they’d fill in the rabbit hole, if you catch my drift… LOL…


I think I’ve stumped everyone… Not a peep in a couple weeks… LOL

Hi Crusty,

Sorry that we have not attended your post earlier.

Daniel has been busy with customer visits lately…From the work flow you described earlier, I believe Quest has a new product for Business Analyst which would meet your requirement & work for you. I have asked Daniel to assist you with more info on that. Daniel should be in touch with you soon (I hope :-)).

Regarding Data import and Export in SQL Navigator, We have planned to include these, They will be included in a future release for you - after the 6.0 release.

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Crusty, please forgive me! Bruce is right - I’ve been on the road a lot lately and I didn’t see your reply.

I think Bruce is right - Toad for Data Analysis is probably a lot closer to what you’re looking for ( Toad for Data Analysis was designed for exactly what you’re trying to do whereas SQL Navigator is really focused on the hard-core Oracle developer. Toad for Data Analysis, for example, has tools for importing and exporting data (including the option to create a simple table when you import data), connect to multiple sources (like Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Access, Excel, Postgress, Neteeza, Sybase, etc, etc, etc.), and is designed around your workflow with many, many shortcuts and productivity enhancements. In fact, if there’s a task that you do often, Toad for Data Analysis can help you by automaing the process!

Give it a whirrl and let us know if that’s what you’re looking for. You can check out the forum for that at this address:

I hope this helps!!


Well I know its been a while since this question has been posted. The simplest thing would be to use Export option from MS-Access. I’m using MS-Access 2003, I’m sure it is also present in 2000. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip Vamshi and welcome to the community!
Helpful advise is always welcome.

  • Jaime -

is there now a way to easily import Excel data in SQL NAV?

I suppose, you mean importing data from Excel to Oracle database, using SQL Navigator as a tool?

We have no immediate plans to implement this functionality in SQL Navigator.
A plan is that we can undertake such implementation about 2 releases from now (after 6.2 release).

As Daniel and Bruce have mentioned above, the Quest has currently in store an excellent tool TDA (Toad for Data Analysis) doing this job. So , meanwhile, one way to overcome this problem, would be to use TDA for importing data from Excel and continue work with SQL Navigator, if this suits you.


Two suggestions for Import:

  1. For importing Data into Oracle DB use “Oracle SQL Loader”
  2. Install Oracle XE 10 g on your Windows Computer and use the loading tool in the admin page of the database. Then create a db-link to your main-Oracle DB and transfer the data. (create table mytable as select * from my_xe_table@xe_db_link;)