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Import EXCEL after Structure Changes

So i built a .TIM that imports 20 columns to SQL Server. I had to increase the length of a few of the columns & change an INT to CHAR in order to get the import to work sucessfully. Very Cool! However, the EXCEL sheet now has a new column that was added and I ran into issues. I opened TIM and saw that the new column was added, but the all of my column modifications were overwritten! (i.e. INT to CHAR and CHAR lengths). The excel table I am importing is by no mean static. There will be monthly changes. Anyway to avoid the structure overwrite?

Have you tried changing the format within the import wizard? See attached.

When you create a tim and change the column types it is retained in the tim file. I do not see how they got changed. Did you use the menu “Open Import Template”? This will load the import template and show you the values in the template.

If you are saying that you opened the import template in TDA and it did not show you the saved column changes, please post the origianl tim and let us know what version of TDA you are using.