Import interval data type columns from excel to oracle table in toad 9.5

Hi there,

Excel import from toad in to oracle table is not working.

one of the column in the table is of interval data type.
when i try to import excel (all columns) in to that table, only this specific column is inserted with null values other column values are perfect.

When i try to import only this specific column(column with interval data type) from excel to table through TOAD 9.5, it is perfectly inserting the data.

I was unable to understand how it is not happening.

Could you please throw some light and let me know what went wrong?
and is this is Toad 9.5 limitation or its fixed in later versions??

Thanks in advance.


Hi Sundeep,

Toad for Data Analysts does not currently support importing of interval data types into Oracle at this time. I’ve entered an enhancement CR #96626 to track this request.

Are you able to provide a sample Excel spreadsheet with how your excel data is formatted? You can strip out any sensitive data and send it to me directly at

Mike Wilson
Software Developer
Quest Software