Import multiple XML files to Oracle or MYSQL


I’m trying to determine whether or not Toad Data Point will allow for XML input to either Oracle or MYSQL. Can I import multiple files on a schedule to the database? Is this a tool that would provide this solution? The files would be the same schema and loading daily.



Are we talking about importing xml table data to a database table? If yes then there are some possibilities here. TDP knows how to export and import data in xml format but probably xml format of your files is different. In this case you can try to import your xml file to Excel and save it as csv, xls, xlsx, etc. Those files TDP understands for sure. Play with the Export/Import wizards of TDP.

Once you’re able to import your xml file once, then you’ll be able to automate this process meaning you’ll be able to schedule you import task.

Hope I understand your question correctly,