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Issues with Importing XML into Ms-Access tables ...


Hi all,

I’m evaluating TDA v2 beta and I’m trying to import an xml file into an MS-Access database but it’s not working quite right….

Here’s what I have so far….

  1. An xml file generated from an Oracle DB. The XML file contains many related tables.
  2. I’ve set up a connection in TDA to an MS-access DB which has the table structures already created.

This is what’s happening….
When I’m using the Import Wizard I select the xml file to import and this is what I get ………

  1. This is the step from the “File preview”(see untitled.bmp), doesn’t show much ???

  2. The third step (see untitled1.bmp) displays the target database with the tables. But notice the “Multiple target tables” option is grayed out ?!?!?….

I was expecting the option to select “Multiple target tables” to be available but it’s not, I have a funny feeling that TDA is not reading the xml file correctly.

The xml file imports without any problems in Ms-Access but I wanted to try it with TDA to see if the performance of the import is faster.

Anyone knows why this is not working ?

Your assistance is much appreciated ……