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Importing Connections into 2.5



The company I am currently working for is installing Toad for Data Analysts 2.5 on some machines (licensed version). Our installs have been going fairly well, but we came across an issue when we were trying to import an XML file with a user’s connections.

We went through the import process and when we hit okay to import the xml file, it said “No connections found”. I was just wondering if anyone knows of a solution to this problem or if there is supposed to be a specific format to a file to import.



The xml file with the connections would need to have come from an export of connections from TDA. Is that the source of the xml file?




The user is exporting the connections from SQL Developer.



That is not a format we currently support.

If you are installing for several people, create on connections.xml from TDA and copy over to install dir and we will place in the settings directory so it can be used.



Thanks Debbie. This install setup is only for one person.