Reading Rows but not Importing Them

Hi, I'm using the import wizard to import a large csv to a local storage database that I recently created. The wizard runs successfully and says it has read the correct number of rows, but it imports zero rows. Please let me know of other details I should provide.

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Gonna need more details to see if the user community can vet out the issue before you turn it over to Quest Support.

  • I'm assuming by "local storage database" you mean TDP's own Local Storage, which , BTW, is a self-managed MySQL database.
  • Large CSV, meaning? 10,000 rows? 400K? 2M?
  • TDP version?
  • Did you let the Import Wizard create the new Local Storage table, based on CSV content, or had you already created the table object? And if already created, do the data types match?

I just did a 10K row import into a new Local Storage table, and worked like a charm.

If you run the Import again, can you click on the View Log link to see if anything weird had happened? Or, check some boxes at the end of the wizard in order to create the log and row discard file, per below. Might help pinpoint the issue.

Thanks for the reply. Large CSV meaning about 650k rows. TDP version 5.5.0369 64 bit. I created a new table within the import wizard. It seems like it's only letting me import and create a new table once in the database and no rows are imported for any subsequent files. I imported the file I was having trouble with first and all rows imported just fine. Then I imported a file that was working yesterday and no rows were imported.

It looks like the rows are imported and then rolled back. I've seen other posts on here with that issue so I'll research that as well.

Interesting... I've never personally seen a rollback for no apparent reason... just to be clear, the file you're importing has an Excel file type, not CSV. Had you specified Excel as your import file type, or CSV?

Might have to take this one to Quest Support... wondering if there are some limitations to Local Storage.

So, quick followup here... we did some testing using TDP 5.5 and we are not seeing this issue and cannot reproduce.

Suggesting that you take this one to the Quest Support team, so the issue can be documented and tracked, but before you do that, have you tested imports into Local Storage using lesser volumes of data? How about from different source file types (e.g. does Excel or tab-delimited work better than other file types?)