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Import spreadsheet into oracle table using toad data point

Im new to toad data point. I have built a automation script that imports the contents of a spreadsheet into an Oracle table. It actually works fine. I have it set to send me an email if an error occurs. However, when I removed the spreadsheet from its location and ran the script again it did not send an error email. Upon looking at the log it says:

Start: “xyz spreadsheet” does not exist

Attempted to import 0 rows

Successfully imported 0 rows

Done: “xyz spreadsheet” does not exist

Could anybody let me know what I can do to have this error out and send me an email if the spreadsheet isnt there?

How id you configured the email on error ? Which version of TDP are you using?

I tried your use case and it works.

And this is the email I got.

Automation script "ImportTest_Script_1" had errors while executing. The exception messages are listed below and the log file is attached. Change to verbose logging and rerun script for more details.

Exception Messages:

Import_1 - File C:\Users\yli1\Documents\CR files\FWS_GL_DIST_SELECT_2013-05-30.xlsx does not exist