Import template error in automation script: token not valid

I created an import wizard that runs 5 queries against an Oracle database, and 1 against an AS400 iseries. The wizard works fine when running on its own, but when I add it into an automation script, I receive the following error:

Import_1 - [IBM][iSeries Access ODBC Driver][DB2 UDB]SQL0104 - Token was not valid. Valid tokens: + - AS . (“Embedded Query” into “dept_db.dbo.dt_wr_task_tbl”)

The invalid token is a right facing arrow (which doesn’t show up in the example because I guess it is a different character set). Why would this not work in the automation script only?

Has anyone encountered this before?

We are making some “in-memory” changes in the template before running an import in Automation. Can you send your template to me to take a look?


Igor (

You may want to try putting the AS400 query in a separate import wizzard and just use the next automation step to run the 2nd import wizzard…