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Import Timeout/Failure After upgrading to Windows 8.1



When importing files into my SQL server, Toad will process all of the records, and then give me an error message that it has disconnected from the SQL sever before the actual import completes, and no records are imported. If I “poke” toad occasionally, like run a small query every few minutes, the data will import; it’s almost as if the connection goes to sleep. I downloaded other SQL tools and do not have issues importing like this, but I can’t seem to figure out how to keep the connection active during the import. I’ve already tried setting the options>database>timeouts to 9999999 just to see if that was the issue but still having the problem. Everything was great with Toad for SQL Server (2012) until I upgraded to Windows 8.1, so I am blaming this on the upgrade, but that may not be a correct assumption.