Problem with Toad


I’ve reinstalled Toad a few days ago. I was using 6.7 before and now using 6.8. I’ve got a strange behavior when I want to launch a request: the first result to come takes time. Really. More than 15 minutes in fact.

It doesn’t depend on the request launched, even with a simple select on a one row table, it takes the same time. Just nothing happens, blue circle in result window and nothing more.

Once the first result has been displayed, next requests will be normally fast.

I’ve removed the script ran on new connection without result.

My database is a bit huge, around 50 000 tables, may be a problem. But it didn’t change since a lot of time.

If anyone has got an idea… ?

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I am experiencing the same issue. I am running Toad for SQL Server I noticed that if nothing is selected, and I run all of the batches or queries, there is a long delay. If I select only something first, it can be one query or everything in the editor window, it runs fast.

This issue is fixed in Toad for SQL Server 6.8.2 HF (239422) which is basically version


thanks for the answer, will have to wait for the release as I’m using the free version…

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Hi Sebastien,

had the same problem, but after installing patch the issue disappeared.

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