Import wizard disabled / greyed out.


I’ve switched from Toad for SQL Server 6.6 to 6.8 64bit freeware version, but now menu option Tools/Import/Import wizard is disabled. Any idea what can be the problem and how to solve it?


Anybody?! Any suggestion?!


I have a new update regarding this problem. I installed Toad plugin for MS SQL Server Management Studio. Now, I can start Toad Import wizard through this plugin - Toad Manage / Import Data. This option starts Toad Import Wizard, even though this option is still disabled from Toad itself(!?!).[:^)]


I noticed the same thing when upgrading from 6.6 to 6.8. This is a major bummer. I wonder if it’s intentional (locking down useful features in the freeware version), or just an oversight. From the Tools menu in your screenshot it is only grayed out. But in the right click > Send To menu it is grayed out and says “(Not licensed)”. So I think this was to intentionally make the freeware/community version less usable.

Hi Marko,

that was issue with Toad Import wizard, it was regression from v6.6 freeware.

we have create defectID TSS-1486 for it.

in fact, some functions in TSS freeware version will be lock or disable.


Do we have any updates on this? I still can’t access the Import Wizard.

One of the major reasons for choosing Toad over SSMS is that the import is much better.

I am running the freeware version and the Import Wizard is still greyed out. Can someone from development confirm whether it will be fixed or if it will no longer be available in future freeware versions?

Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

Got the same problem and searched out this discussion.

It's a pity if the import function is intentionally disabled in freeware version since there're many software capable to do both export/import very well. (such as DBeaver)

Anyway, thanks a lot to provide freeware version. Hopefully the development team would consider to put it back in the near future. It's never a good idea to remind users that there're always other choices out there.

Hi Everyone,
in freeware Toad for SQL Server only exporting is allowed, not importing.