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Toad for Sql Server Database Diagrams vs Toad Data Modeler

What are the differences between Database Diagrams in Toad for SQL Server and Toad Data Modeler? I currently own Toad for SQL Server and would have to purchase Toad Data Modeler. If I can create a logical and physical model using Database Diagrams, then I wouldn't have to make an additional purchase.

Hi Angie,
The diagram in Toad for SQL Server is only for basic visualization of Database not for modeling. The main difference between visualization DB and modeling is that by modeling you can arrange new tables(and other objects), that are not in DB, you can insert to model a lot of logical information etc. It is not necessary to be connected to DB. Toad Data Modeler use connection only for reverse engineering (similar as visualization DB) and for other features you can work offline. When you want to deploy your changes to DB, you will generate SQL script with create statements. Toad Data Modeler include of course logical model and several physical models (Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL etc.). I think Toad Data Modeler has a lot functions suitable for modeling. I recommended to you try trial or freeware version to understand differences.


@Daril - Thanks for the explanation. one more question: Since Microsoft is removing SQL Server Database Diagrams from SSMS in release 18.0, will Toad for SQL Server still carry this functionalitly?


I have no any information about plan to terminate Diagram feature in Toad for SQL server, but if you can be more sure, please let ask forum for Toad for SQL


I have submitted the question to the forum for Toad for SQL. Thanks!