[] Edit statement does not show results/receives error


in the official Toad 16.2 and in the latest Beta version i am facing the issue that an edit statement does not show a result.

The following select statement shows this result:

select * from sql where sql_id = 1086001;

Error case:
When i use an edit statement without ";" at the end, there will be no result shown!

edit sql where sql_id = 1086001


And an edit statement without any where clause or ";" at the end is throwing following exception "[Error] Execution (1: 1): ORA-00936: missing expression":

edit sql


This error can be reproduced on multiple users and clients!

BR, Julian

Sorry about that. I'll investigate. It probably happened when we made the EDIT command support multi-line. So now you can do

edit table
where sql_id = 8675309
and name = 'JENNY'
order by 1;

I think the problem is largely due to the fact that your table name, SQL, is a pl/sql reserved word.

It works fine if your table is named SQLS, for example.

if you can't or don't want to rename it, then you can work around it with double-quotes around the table name:

edit "SQL"

I fixed it to support any keyword. (QP-4022)
To show up soon.



BR, Julian