In Database\Compare\Schema, how do you delete snapshots?

In the Schema Compare, there is a button that opens the window Save/Load Window Snapshot.
Setting the option to Load Action, I have over 20 options in the Name dropdown.

If there anyway to delete entries from this list?

I can find the entries in ToadActions.dat and acions_overview.xml

Hey Scott, welcome to the Toad for Oracle forum.

The list of "20 different options" you're seeing are presumably all the different Schema Compare actions (steps) you have existing in one or more Automation Apps you've created.

Unless you actually defined an automation app script that has 20 separate Schema Compare steps in the same job (unlikely, but possible) I'm going to guess that "Action Recall" is the name displayed in the "App" field when you chose the Load Action radio button. If so, then the "Name" field drop down will be displaying all actions found in your Action Recall Vault. (See below for a quick screen snap, where I bring up the Action Recall vault, and sorted/highlighted the Action Names in both lists so you can see where this stuff is coming from.)

Best way to clear out your Action recall items in the vault is to select your unwanted items in the Action Recall list and (right-click) delete them. See the Help File excerpt below for extra info on how to control how many entries get saved in your Action Recall vault. Hope this makes things a little clearer.