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Toad 13.0 Compare schema - Default options


How do I return to the default options within schema compare? When I right click I can only choose check or uncheck all


Well, if you open schema compare off the main menu, from a connection that you’ve already done a schema compare on, it will restore the last used settings. So closing and re-opening the window will only work if you haven’t run the compare yet in that connection.

But you can do this if you want:

  1. Go to Automation Designer, DB MIsc Tab.
  2. Drop a new compare schema action in the area below.
  3. Rename it to “Default” or whatever you want.
  4. Then, next time you are in schema compare off the main menu and you want defaults (all defaults), you can click the Save/window Snapshot button. Then find your “Default” action that you created. Note, that will load all settings (including schemas to be compared).