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Inconsistent Key Behavior in Toad

This is a general request, but one that I find increasingly affects my Zen factor using Toad so I was hoping to get a discussion going. I’ve noticed that many dialog boxes do not respond to Return and Esc keys for the OK and Cancel buttons, requiring me to either use the mouse or tab around to the button and hitting Return.

I’ve also noticed that when highlighting text inside a data cell (not the cells themselves) I cannot use the standard Control-Insert type of key combos to copy. I have to use Control-C to copy Control-V to paste. In contrast, I can use Control-Insert and Shift-Insert to copy and paste entire cells.

Toad is unfortunately riddled with this kind of inconsistent key behavior. I would be more than happy to add to this thread as I encounter places needing a fix, but wanted to see if the developers have interest first.

For example, the most frequently-encountered dialog box that ignores Return/Esc is the one that pops up if I try to run a statement in an instance that already has a running query. Most of the time I want the previously-selected behavior so want to hit OK or Cancel by typing Return or Esc, respectively.



Thanks for your post. I see the issue and inclined to fix it. Would you pls pinpoint other places you have similar issue with Return/Esc keys?

We will be fixing issue in general, though I wish to hear from you details. Thanks!

Thanks, that’s great to hear! I’ll start a list.

Associated with this is typing “N” and “Y” for No/Yes dialog boxes. For example, this WORKS for the “Modified File” dialog box when you close a tab before saving it. It does NOT work for the “Script Execution Error” dialog box which I get when I try to execute a bunch of code that has a syntax error in it (the one that gives me the choice of “Ignore error and continue execution?”).

That sort of thing.