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Clipboard issues in TOAD Editor

TOAD v12.10.0.30 - Windows

Keyboard based Clipboard (Ctrl-X, C, V) operations in the TOAD editor seem intermittent. Sometimes it works often it doesn’t. A similar symptom is seen with Shift based operations, such as capitalising characters. Only TOAD shows this issue. Other editor applications don’t. I’ve downloaded a keyboard control code monitoring application and there are no issues with my keyboard. This is a TOAD issue.

Hello, did you get a fix for this issue? If so, how? Appreciate any help. Thanks!

See this post if you have Citrix Workspace App

I'm facing similar issues on toad
Not using Citrix.

If i have a line SQL, I press CTRL+A, it selects the line correct.

If i then press CTRL+C, and next press another key, for example the arrow to right.
I Expect the cursor to move to the right.
But what happens: My selected line is replaced by the character C

If i now press CTRL+V it does paste the line it copied, so the Copy action did, copy, but it also kept the C in a buffer or so.

If i now again press any key on the keyboard, for example ÉNTER
I expect a new line
But what happens, I get the character V, (and a new line....)

Very frustrating.
I do not have this with any other application, re-installing toad did not solve it.

This was caused by a recent update to Citrix Workspace App.

I have a support case open with them but they have been slow to get anything fixed.

Please read this

@Yannick.t, I just saw that you said that you are not using Citrix.

The bug happens even if Citrix Workspace App is installed. You don't have to be actively using it. Please double-check to make sure that it is not installed.

If it is not, can you post a screen shot (or two, if needed) of installed apps under "Programs and Features" in Windows?

Toad 12.12 wasn't always this way. Something is interfering.

Hi @JohnDorlon,

I do have Citrix Workspace App installed indeed since recently! Thanks, indeed toad was not always like this.

I'll follow the other topic to see for updates with Citrix.


Oh good. I was afraid that there was another app now causing problems!

This case with Citrix has been open since the summer. It's moving very slowly. You probably saw this on the other post, but it's worth repeating:

  • If you don't need Citrix Workspace App, uninstall it.
  • If you need Citrix Workspace App, uninstall it and reinstall with the "App Protection" option unchecked.