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Toad failing to execute script


I’m currently on Toad

I was running a script (using F5) and it failed. I then selected cancel, fixed the issue. Pressed F5 again.
The script did not execute - just waiting. Maybe something locked, so I press Esc.

Now Toad first goes into a non-responding mode (1 or 2 seconds only)
then turns up an internal error, I clicked it away too fast to see what exactly it was.
Something with a lot of FF characters, so probably an Access Violation.

After that, Toad became entirely unresponsive, failing to terminate.
Here’s the error log, I hope you can find the issues I mentioned above.


Kind regards, & wishing you success!

Hi, it just happened again. Seems that after hitting Esc, the script does not terminate but remains in some kind of a wait state.

So the edit window is reactivated, but all else still is locked.
I cannot switch to another session e.g.

When I click the cross in the upper right corner, nothing happens.
When I click again, the windows pop-up appears asking whether I want to terminate Toad.

Hope this helps,


I can’t seem to make this happen. Does this happen on a particular script or any time you execute script? Can you share a script with us that will demonstrate this behavior? I’m seeing some slowness when I use the ESC key when encountering an error (in which case the script continues) but I’m not seeing what you’re seeing. We may also need your user files if you don’t mind zipping them up and sending them to me.



it’s hard when a problem fails to reproduce…

I’ve zipped up the stuff I’m trying to execute:

The script I’m actually executing is $gen_install.sql from the install directory.

You’ll miss some of the utility programs I created in UTL_KRG,
but I think you should be able to work around them.
If not, I’ll sned you a copy of those, too.


Your “problematic” script is calling 14 other scripts, so maybe to point out which one has problems.

Just small idea, have you trie with no spaces between “@” and script name?

@ tbl_gen_host_environments.sql -> @tbl_gen_host_environments.sql

For debugging this put in every script something like:

DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.SET_MODULE(suggestion to put here script name)

DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.SET_action (put here where is it inside specific part …i.e. inserting creating etc);

Then you can see your session info from outside where is hanging

Last but not least…this all runs in SQL*Plus original env?