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Control key behaviour

In toad editor, Whenever I am using any shortcut key associated with Control key, the Control key is behaving bizarrely after work of the shortcut gets completed. Like, if I am trying to paste anything in toad editor using shortcut Ctrl + V then after pasting once I click only Control key it is again pasting the same thing what I paste just earlier. Another example, when I am selecting entire text in a toad editor using Ctrl + A and clicking the backspace to delete the contents, then the contents are deleted as usual but the letter "a" is being automatically pasted in the editor.
This kind of unusual thing only happening in toad editor not in other editor like notepad or etc. In the other editor everything is completely fine. I have also installed the toad from several sources but the issue still persists.
Can anyone please suggest what is the issue with my toad?


This has come up before. Go here for the solution