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Initial opening toad-after entering valid license "error saving key"

Toad Toad for Oracle x64 n Windows 10 x64 (Citrix).
I want to use valid and paid Toad for oracle license (Austrian "A1" company, you may check).
After I open Toad for the first time I get:

There are many securities on mine PC and I am not administrator, so could you tell me where Toad wants to place data, so i can explain to mine help desk to do it for me.

Or, should I just open Toad first time with Admin privileges and that would be all?

However would like to understand what is Toad doing (as I cannot start Win debugger on that PC as well I am practically blind)


Solved by myself...It was some problems with ownership of "{08439167-4CA5-48E9-A810-A3A7C0B80B06}" directory which was by somehow manipulated by antivirus/antimalware software and was holding lock on that dir.
Case solved