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License Key Not Received for trial version

I have just downloaded Toad for Oracle trial version but have not yet received a license key. I assume that you will email it.

Thanks in advance.

Martin Porter

Welcome, Martin!

Yes, you should be receiving an e-mail with a trial key; however, you can also simply start the Toad for Oracle trial version and that will get you started with an initial key. In the meantime, feel free to let us know if you have any questions.



Nope. The install process does not allow me past the license key page.

Hi Martin,

Ahh, I thought you already had it installed but hadn't launched Toad yet. I would check your spam filter to make sure the e-mail hadn't gotten caught by that. If not, you can always download the Trial again, perhaps using a different e-mail address, to get the key.

Let us know how that works.




I downloaded Toad for oracle and didn't receive the trial license key!!! Does anyone here know where I can get the trial key?



Here is a trial key. Give it a try.
Toad for Oracle Developer Edition
License key: DLSTRNVGBBG1XCJ6GW8M17D7N7DSTGCF6WXJ2-143-886-093-B6
Site Message: Trial Version
Number of Seats: 1