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Toad License key - repeatedly asked fp


A new PC with TOAD upgraded to asks again for License key information each time the PC is rebooted. What is needed for this License key to be accepted and retained by Toad?

Thank you,


Hi Bill,

It sounds like the license key is either not being saved or is getting deleted. Toad saves its license key to a folder underneath C:\ProgramData (for Windows Vista and higher). I would first check two things:

  1. Do you have access to write to the C:\ProgramData folder. This folder is usually hidden by Windows by default, but it should be available and should be read-write.

  2. Is the PC imaged by internal network policies each night? If the C: drive is cleaned each night by a re-imaging procedure, you might need to ask your network administrators to not resynchronize that folder each night or create a batch script to copy the necessary key back after the re-imaging procedure is complete.


Try running TOAD as Administrator for once and type the license information. It should save it correctly and don’t ask for it again.