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Intellisense on cursor fields

Hello forum,

Is there a way to get a list of available cursor columns when in editor. I cannot find a setting to activate this or is in embedded in another setting?


type in:

from your_table

You can add an alias after your_table if you want.

then go back and put the caret after "select" and do a CTRL+T.

When the popup appears, multiselect the fields you want and hit ENTER

Hi John,
Thanks for your reply. It is not quite what i was looking for.
for r1 in (select id
, description
from some_table)
l_id := r1. <- I want the editor to give me a list of available columns in the r1 row when the dot has been entered

For example PLSQL Developer works like that but in TOAD not.

Regards, Rob

I would expect CTRL+T to work there in Toad too, but I see that it does not. I'll log it as a bug.