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Wildcard Expansion for community version of Toad for SQL Server

Hi All, I’ve been all this time missing this great tool(TOAD) and using SSMS. But since recently I’ve started using TOAD community version for development purpose. There seems to be some problem with wildcard expansion for tables in TOAD with keyboard shortcut. When I type “select * from sometable” in TOAD I get the object chooser popup, but I’m unable to select the columns or the expand the (*) wildcard to all columns using any keyboard shortcut. Instead I always have to use the mouse to click my way thorugh which in turn reduces my productivity. Please guide upon how to do this. Thanks to Quest for this wonderfull software.

Hi Soham,
thanks for your words for the Toad :slight_smile:

For about issue with Code Completion (what you calling onject chooser popup) -
Actually this is very odd issue since Code Completion supports keyboard usage. I don’t remember any complaints on this particular matter from any user.
Let’s try to figure out. - can you please give me some details:

  1. toad version do you use
  2. DB version you are connected to
  3. is this reproduces on any connection?

Hi Alex, By object chooser I mean the intellisense popup. Anytime any connection I use the keyboard shortcut is not working. One more thing, I hope that you use [TAB Key] for wildcard expansion after I’ve included the TableName in my select list. Also when I delete the (*) from the query to include selected columns what key should I use to select the columns from the intellisense popup.

I’m using TOAD - 5.5, connected to SQL Server 2008 R2.

Ok, it seems to me that I see your question now.

  1. you can select columns in Code Completion list by Ctrl+space for each record or by Shift+Up|Down for the range
  2. to expand * to all column list check ‘Expand * to list columns’ in Tools\Option\Editor\Code Completion
  3. To invoke Code Completion in any desired place of sql just press Ctrl+Period (. sign)

I hope that is what you need. Let me know if you still have any questions/difficulties.

Thanks Alex. That was some wonderful insight on this software. But somehow Shift+DownArrow dosen’t seem to deselect my selection of columns in the intellisense popup. Also when I write “select * from sometable” and take my cursor and place it just before the star(*) in my query and pressed Ctrl+Period the intellisense popup dosen’t seem to popup somehow. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?