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Internal Error in Reverse Engineering Wizard: Field "COLLATED_COLUMN_NAME" not found"

Longtime TOAD for Oracle user, but TOAD Datamodeler neophyte. In evaluating for use at our site (v6.5) I ran into this error while attempting to reverse engineer from an Oracle 12.2 database. I have both checked my own COLS view in oracle as well as googled for "COLLATED_COLUMN_NAME" but came up empty. The error appears to have occurred while "reversing indexes" (see screenshot)

Hello, I've tested it and it reversed the model as expected. Your problem could be caused by some specific settings that I'm not able to reproduce. Unfortunatelly our Oracle expert is out of office till next week so he will look at it as soon as he'll return.

Regards, Michal

Hi Mark,

This problem is in TDM 6.5 and TDM 7.0 when bitmap join indexes exists.

We prepared a user package. Download file OREDBOR12R2_user.txg . It is user package, which will repair Reverse Engineering of Oracle 12c Release 2.

How to install user package:

  • Run TDM and switch on expert mode (Main Menu > Settings > Options > General > Expert Mode checkbox)
  • In Main Menu should be appeared new menu item “Expert Mode”.
  • Go to “Main Menu > Expert Mode > Customization > Import Custom Package” and find and import user package “OREDBOR12R2_user.txg”.
  • After this restart TDM.

In fact this process only copy package to location defined in TDM. By Default it is “C:\Users\USERNAMEXY\Documents\Toad Data Modeler\Standard Installation\Packages{DCB5CB9B-CF65-4350-86B5-285D246FC5AC}”.

Now you can run TDM and try Reverse Engineering.

For uninstall simply delete this user package in Documents path.