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Is there a way to change a server password from Toad for DB2?

I have an AIX server that is used as our DB2 server. Our users do not have the ability to login to that machine as the only thing it does is serve up DB2. We need to have the ability to change the users password from Toad. We can install the DB2 client to allow the user to change passwords, but that is just one more thing for the users to maintain. They would have to setup their DB2 catalog in there, and then they have to remember how to use the tool, etc.

I have tried from the SQL window to use the db2 connect command to change it, but I get an error doing that.

  **connect to** *db* **user** *userid* **using** *password* **new** *new passowrd* **confirm** *new password*

Is there a way to do this in Toad for DB2 and I just have not found it yet?

For our DB2 database on an AIX server, we have our users use a small app called Putty to change their passwords. We provide them with a small “how-to” cheat-sheet, and the process seems to work fine.

Hi Jim,

Currently, there’s no way to issue the command within the SQL Editor window. However, you can launch the DB2 Command Window from the Toad tools menu and use the connect command there. See the attached image.

The next major release of Toad for DB2 will also have an option that will allow you to execute your connect command within the SQL Editor window.


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Thanks for the information. I have passed that on to our users.