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TOAD 12.11 new features missing

Going over “new features” in release notes for Toad for Oracle 12.11 I’m failing to find some of them:

  • “A new Session | Transactions feature enables you to determine whether open sessions are performing a transaction.” - Can’t find this in Session menu.

  • “The new Compare Multiple Tables feature allows you to compare and synchronize multiple tables between two schemas. To use this feature, select Database | Compare | Compare Multiple Tables or click in the Automation Designer.” - again, no such entry in Database | Compare menu.

  • “Database | Compare | Schemas now supports the use of DBMS_REDEFINITION to sync tables that are missing a column that is in the middle of the table.” I can see only “Schemas - Legacy” option in Database | Compare menu. ?

Try r-clicking on the menu and select ‘Restore Defaults’

That did the trick.

Didn’t think it would, as it is supposed to affect toolbars not menus (it asks “Restore toolbar defaults?” also).

Thank you :slight_smile: