Is there an option to NOT open a new grid for each query?

I like having multiple grids when running multiple statements as scripts, but when running individual statements one at a time, it can get tedious to go close them one-at-a-time until I get the one I want.

Here’s an example -

I’m building a query with the Query Builder. As I’m adding where conditions, aliases, etc I end up having a running history of the results for each version of the query I’m working on. I could see where this would be valuable, but am wondering if there’s an option to ‘always clobber’ the existing result set with each new statement execution?


Yepp, there is such an option. Go into Tools|Options. Choose the Database|Script Result page. If you change the “Number of result sets to display:” to 1 you should be fine. You probably also want to uncheck the “Show all resultsets when execute as script” as well.

Perfect! I didn’t expect to find it with the script stuff since I saw with F9 runs, but this does exactly what I was lookign for, thanks :slight_smile: