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issue connecting to exadata to run db_healthchecks



We recently migrated to exadata server and I am able to connect to all of my databases using toad, however when I attempt to user db_healthcheck it is asking for dba credentials.

Which I keep getting an error on? using a system dba account. Any thoughts.


It could be one of a few things:

  1. you are running the health check against a database that you are not currently connected to and Toad needs a user/password for the target database.

  2. Once a connection is made, as a quick check, Toad tries to run a ‘select * from v$session’ as a quick check to see if you have select privileges on things that aren’t granted to public by default. If this query fails, you’ll get the “connect as DBA user” prompt.


I am able to connect to the database both as sys and system just fine, I can even ‘select* from v$sessions’ as sys as well. I get the message when attempting to run db healthcheck. Any other thoughts? Thanks


Turn on spool sql (Main menu -> Database -> Spool SQL). That will start logging of every SQL statement that Toad runs.

Then try the health check and send me the spool sql output…