Issue with DB2 Timestamps during Compare

I am trying to set up data comparisons between DB2 and SQL Server. The millisecond precision is being dropped from DB2 timestamp values during the process. I've modified the Grid options to set the precision correctly, but that doesn't appear to be having any impact on the comparison. This is the error being caught by TDP - Green is DB2, Red is SQL Server:


I have personally verified the DB2 data matches the SQL Server values, but TDP is dropping the precision, causing the compares to throw false mismatches. Even worse, I have some tables using Timestamp as the primary key, and I am entirely unable to compare these tables - presumably due to this issue.

While Quest R&D is looking into this, anyone else hit the same or similar issue? Any work-around suggestions, anyone?

Support has confirmed this as a bug and also confirmed that there is no workaround. Hopefully this makes it into 5.5

This did not make it into version 5.5. The issue number is QAT-16597.

Where can I track progress and priority of this tracker? This seems like such basic functionality, and failure of the product to support this actually blocks me from being able to do comparisons, as we have several tables using Timestamp as the primary key.

Hi - I am confirming the eng what release we can expect this in and that will give us a timeframe. Stay tuned.