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Native Sql Store proc inside Db2


I am pretty new to DB2 RDMS, but I have lots of experience inside the SQL Server world.

The other day I created a native SQL store procedure inside Toad for our DB2 server. I am running into an odd issue and was wondering if anyone else has had this issue.

Two of my parameters is are timestamp types. I need to grab the date and time for a given a range such as 2014-04-30 17.00.09 to 2014-05-01 17.00.09.

I have noticed in toad when executing a sql store procedure timestamp parameters will only allow you to enter the date and not the time part.

Has anyone else had this issue before? My store procedure will execute fine in SSRS and Advanced Query Language.

Toad Version:

Thank you for your time.

Robert, I am curious as to what DB2 platform and release are you running on.

DB2 on LUW or DB2 on z/OS and what DB2 version?




DB2 on z/OS with version 10.1.

To better illustrate my issue, below is a screen shot. As you can see I can only enter a date in the parameter listing.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the information. I now understand and have recreated the issue.

I opened TDB-820 to track this defect.



Thanks Jeff! Sorry if my explanation was confusing.

Jeff, Is there a website where i can view the status of this defect? I am just curious if it was looked in the past year. Thank you, Robert.


Sorry that is an internal Task tracking system identifier.

Good news - the fix is in v6.0 of Toad DB2.

Awesome news for a Monday! Thanks Jeff.