Issue with Scheduler

In TDA, I have create an automated query that works when I click on the TEST button (it produces an Excel sheet). However, when I click the SCHEDULE button, I get an error:

Operation completed with errors

Clicking the Detail button I get:

Server:“my computer’s name”
Exception: The data is invalid

I checked and the window’s Task Scheduler is running. I have Windows XP Pro with all service upadates


I would try the follow:

  1. Go to the windows schedular and delete all tasks that have been created by anyone else other than your logid. (Not disable, delete)

  2. If this does not resolve the issue please down load and install our version 2.0 Beta. We have made several changes in the schedular to resolve similiar issues. Also version 2.0 has many automation enhancements you might be interested in.


Thanks Debbie, deleting all tasks in the scheduler owned by “system” worked.