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Scheduler will not run properly for automation tasks

scheduler will not run properly for automation tasks. I have a task scheduled that will run sometimes and other times it will not export the Excel files without giving any error.

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Going to be difficult to troubleshoot without details. Assuming that you are using your Windows workstation's task scheduler to execute your TDP automation scripts, could be a number of things going on... here are some to think about...

  • Details of the workflow?
  • Do/es the source table/s always have data?
  • Is the Excel file/s generated at all?
  • If the Excel files are generated, are they empty sometimes, populated at other times?
  • Is there any other process/es putting a file lock on the Excel targets, including other scheduled tasks?

I use db2 sql queries to run and extract data to send as excel reports.

The source tables always have data.

The excel files are always created when the process runs.

Last two days the sheduler ran the tasks and completed it in 1 second and did not generate the reports.

any help will be appreciated.

Reason is probably explicit in automation log file of your script,
Probably lauched, but not well executed.
Scheduled with same user ? Same credentials?

When I restart my computer every 2 days then the scheduled querys have been running fine.

If it works after rebooting, i think some ghost process keep alive in memory after script execution. What log file says? The last line of log file is "done" or "completed with errors"?
The log file will help, is it possible to post it?


If you cant find anything in the log files, try making sure your logging in the automation setup is set to verbose.