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TOAD Data Point Taking forever to load linked files

In the last couple of versions of TOAD DP linked files in Automation for example take forever to load. I am running a WIN 10 PC Intel i7 with SSD C: and 32 GB memory. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

If you can include details on your automation, what kind of files, how you're using them, how much slower they load (2x slower? 10x?) that would be a big help.

The execute scripts run fine. The issue is when I point to them while building the automation and then trying to edit the settings. Its taking forever to go out find the script and display it. I link to the sql code on my local folders/files. Its taking an unbearable amount of time to just load the dang script or even point to another folder/file on my pc while building the Automation.
So in a SQL Execute activity I have to change the path to the linked sql code. I set a timer to do this and it took five minutes and still counting for it to determine that the path I entered was wrong and allow me to change it.

Clearly, there's something wrong, as it shouldn't take "time-out" timeframes to read a local file, especially with your workstation's config and memory. I would suggest taking this to Support so that they can document the issue and try to reproduce with as close to the system you're using as possible.