Job Shedules won't Save

Hi All,

I search for this issue but could not find anything.

Using 5.0 Freeware
Connecting remotely through a IPSec tunnel

I can create a new job in Toad just fine but for some reason the schedule won’t save. It just keeps defaulting to 12:00AM and won’t enable at all.

I can use SSMS to to set the schedule and the change is reflected in Toad but Toad won’t save any changes made in the GUI.

Everything else seems to be working great and I love the interface.


Hi Dave,
It should not depend on license and connect type.
I do see some issues on editing Job Schedules, but on my side they are rather intermittent :slight_smile: I have no issues with creating new schedules but I experiencing some with editing existing. What kind of issues do you have?
If it actual only for editing I can suggest to recreate schedule instead of editing as workaround for now.

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