Jumping to line with error?

If I have a package or other pl/sql code that has an error and I push the execute script error it compiles. A warning message appears in the OUTPUT tab. I click on the ERRORS tab and see the message and the line number.

Question: is there a way to easily jump to that line with the error on it other than control-G and then manually typing the line number ?

I know that I can click on the error message and get a description and I can right click and open the error message in an external editor to see all the details. But usually I just want to quickly jump to it.

I am using Toad for Oracle 16.1.53

Are you using F5/Run as Script to compile the package?

If so, use F9 instead.

Then a double-click on an error (in the messages tab) will take you to the error line.

Hi John,

Thanks. You are correct. I always used F5 to run stuff out of habit.


Hi Alan,

Do yourself a favor and make F9 your new habit.

The only time F5 should be used is when your Editor has multiple statements in it, and you want it to run them all one after another, script style.

If there is 1 statement, regardless of what kind of statement it is, F9 is the way to go.


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