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keep files open

Hi - Is there a way to keep files open so that when the application is closed and then reopened the file tabs that were open the last time are still there? This would save having to go and reopen things that were being worked on last.

Hi, there are no such feature for right now. Probably you can try to use Project Manager for such needs, but I’m not sure that it is exactly what you need.

I can create an enhansement request to think of it in the future releases if PM is not what you are looking for.


Yes, please do create an enhancement request for this feature. Toad Data Modeler has this functionality–it would be really nice if Toad for SQL Server had it too.
Thanks, knot22

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Would it be possible for you to share a couple of screens of TDM along with your comments illustrating how this feature works? It will be a great time saver for us. Many thanks in advance!

I just remembered that we already have such feature :wink: There are so much Toad options, so even me do not remember all of them ;(

Please open Tools\Options\Environment\Desktops - set checkbox against ‘Open documents’ item to restore opened documents.