Re-Open Previous Files on Startup

When I start Toad can I have the files from the previous session opened automatically?

There is no current way to automatically open the previously open files.
However you can either use the Files | Recent Files to open those,
You can also open the directory containing those files in Toad, then select the files you want to open and quickly drag those to the top toolbar. A separate SQL Editor session will be opened for each file. See the attached screenshot for more information.

Can I request this as an enhancement? Toad hangs or crashes many times a day which requires restarts. Having the files I was working on open again without me having re-open all of them individually would be very helpful.

I just realized that we might already have what you are asking about.
If you go to Tools | Options | Environment | Desktops and then ensure that the 'Open Documents' checkbox is checked (as shown in the attached file), Toad will open the documents that were last opened when you last exited Toad.
Please see attached for details and let me know if that is what you were requesting.

Thanks Jeff, that is what I’m looking for.

It works most of the time. If there are multiple connections, sometimes some of the connections are not re-opened, and sometimes some of the documents are re-opened and associated with the wrong connections.