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Keeping a session alive


Hi, folks!

Thanks for a great product! I have a suggestion for a new feature.
I often run several instances of Navigator simultanously, connected to different databases. Sometimes I work on one DB for a long time, and when i return to another one, the session has timed out. When I try to execute SQL, I have to wait for the reconnect dialog, and then wait for the reconnect.
This really bothers me, and I was wondering: Is it possible to make Navigator run a background query, like ‘select * from dual’, every now and then, just to keep the session alive?



Hi staralfur and thanks for the post…

SQL Nav will not close the database connection.
If you are losing the connection to the database, it is due to some other intervention.

Things you can check with your DBA:

  • Are there any ‘Resource Manager’ settings on your database(s) that limit the session times.
  • Are there any ‘profile settings’ that limit the session / connect times.

I regularly have database connections in SQL Nav open for several days.



Thanks for a quick reply.

I did not blame Nav for the disconnects, it must be some Oracle settings that causes the timeout. I apologize if I didn’t make myself clear in my first post.

The system developed by our company is running on our clients’ databases, there are more than 70 installations. In general, I understand why these DBAs have set these timeouts. Regular users work against the same database all the time, and will probably never get any problems with the timeouts. They are using our software when working on the database, while we often use Nav to work directly on the table data or to write and debug PL/SQL. I often work with several customers at once, and sometimes i get disconnected because of the Oracle setup, when I have worked against one customer for a period of time, and want to check things in another database.
If Nav could help me by sending a query to the database on a given interval, I would avoid at least some frustrations during a busy day at work. I have seen such functionality in other software, like FTP clients, and found it very useful.

But it’s up to you to decide.

Have a nice weekend!



Okay… now we’re on the same wavelength starálfur :slight_smile:
I’ll discuss this with my team mates, and we’ll get back to you shortly!!

I did have a great weekend, thanks. Ready for another week at work!!



Hello again Starálfur,
I’ve logged an enhancement request to cover issue. We discussed it at today’s triage session, and have decided that it is indeed a worthwhile enhancement.
We’ll aim to get this update into an early beta build… so you can check-it-out and let us know if it suits your needs.
So, be sure and sign up for the next beta program :wink:
Thanks again, for your input.



Sounds great! :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to it!



Hello again Starálfur,

There is an option now in the data grid to allow you to rerun (auto-refresh) the query as attached image. Could you please advise if it would meet your requirement?

Thanks and regards,